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We've got the power!
Franks cleans your air ducts with "AT Gold" high-performance, backward-curved blowers and high-efficiency motors with up to twice the vacuum power (airflow x static lift) of other systems. We bring extra power to pull contaminants out of your ductwork.

Indoor air contains dust, pet or other animal dander, dirt and other pollutants you cannot see. Over time, these contaminants build up inside air ducts, creating a breeding ground for dangerous pollutants — mold, mildew, fungus and bacteria — and become a major issue for most homeowners and commercial clients, especially those who suffer from allergies, asthma and other respiratory ailments.

What most people don’t realize is that the condition of their air duct system could be causing or exacerbating a health problem.
Dirt and debris in your air duct system also can block natural air-flow, cause inefficient cooling or “hot rooms,” and increase energy costs.
Regular inspection and cleaning can help prevent or alleviate air quality problems and keep your air conditioning and heating systems running efficiently.

• Mold, bacteria or other organic hazards are present on the hard surfaces of your ducts.
• Dust and other debris has caused build-up and clogging inside your ducts.
• Small insects and vermin are inside your duct system.
• One or more room(s) in your house are “hot rooms.”
• The air coming through your vents has an unpleasant odor or smell.
Clean air conditioning ducts and a reliable, well-maintained air conditioning unit can help you decrease your energy costs and save money for your home or business. Clean ducts also ensure your family or employees can breathe easier in a more comfortable and healthy clean-air environment.


Dirty dryer vents? Franks AC can help with that, too. More than 15,000 homes catch on fire every year because of dirty dryer vents. At Franks Air Conditioning, we use the most advanced technology to ensure that your dryer vents, as well as your heating and cooling system, are ultra-clean.

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