Attic Insulation


Even in warmer climates like ours, attic insulation is important. Air leaks and inadequate insulation are the most common ways to waste energy and burden your air conditioning system.

Increased energy consumption results in a higher energy bills. Proper insulation may significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs and prevent wasted consumption.



Our insulation experts always:

• Mold, bacteria or other organic hazards are present on the hard surfaces of your ducts.
• Ensure insulation is evenly distributed
• Ensure insulation extends into eaves
• Correct low spots in your insulation
The level of insulation needed is measured by R-values, which represent resistance to heat flow. For the Central Florida climate, a recommended R-value is between R-30 and R-38.

The right type and amount of insulation depends on the size and the dynamics of your space. A Franks AC Attic Insulation specialist can help you chose the best products and level of attic insulation for your home or business.

Attic Insulation Options and Measuring