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Energy Efficiency Analysis

Energy Efficiency is more important now than ever. It affects your comfort, safety of your family, your budget, and your carbon footprint. 

Through a partnership with airEnalasys, Franks can provide measurement and data verification services, enabling homeowners, contractors, and utilities to quantify results, thus making educated energy efficiency decisions.

We use fully automated diagnostic technology to detect the efficiency of ductwork and HVAC units.  Test results are placed on the greenNet web site, where you can instantly view them with a click of your mouse.

These are specific tests we recommend:
Duct Blaster Testing
A Duct Blaster Test combines a small fan and a pressure gauge to pressurize a house’s duct system and accurately measure air leakage of the ductwork. This test is similar to a pressure test of a plumbing system and is performed at completion.

The Duct Blaster Test is required for an ENERGY STAR certification.

ENERGY STAR requires that the results of this test show total duct leakage of 6 cfm to outdoors /100 sq .ft., making this a pass or fail test. If this requirement is not met, the ENERGY STAR certification is lost.

Blower Door Testing

AirEnalasys uses the blower door to help determine a home's air tightness.

Reasons for establishing the proper building tightness:

• Reducing energy consumption due to air leakage 
• Avoiding moisture condensation problems 
• Avoiding uncomfortable drafts caused by cold air leaking in from the outdoors 
• Making sure that the home's air quality is not too contaminated by indoor air pollution.

How the blower door works

A blower door attaches to the exterior door. The fan pulls air out of the house, lowering the air pressure inside. The higher outside air pressure then flows in through all unsealed cracks and openings. The test determines the air infiltration rate of a building.

Blower doors consist of a frame and flexible panel that fits in the doorway, a variable-speed fan, a pressure gauge to measure the pressure differences inside and outside the home for measuring airflow.

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